Saturday, October 17, 2009

New TV series "Robin Hood" in Rupavahi

You people might wathing on Sri Lanka Rupavahini in every Sunday at 7pm
a new series of Robin Hood..
I was interested about it and thought to share some details with you..

by the way can you remember the my old post about old Robin Hood

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Robin Hood
Location: nottingham, United Kingdom
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BBC's new Robin Hood cast list and pictures
The new Robin Hood was filmed in Hungary rather than England as locations there can be more readily made to match medieval England. Of course it also affords a little more secrecy than filming at home.
There is still no sign of a Friar Tuck character, OR an arabic outlaw, but it is my personal opinion that both could be introduced in a subsequent series. Regarding the rest of the cast Robin Hood fans should be exited at the news Keith Allen will play the Sheriff of Nottingham. That fact alone should have you on the edge of your oak branch!

In pictures Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood), Lucy Griffiths (Maid Marian), Keith allen (Sheriff of Nottingham) and Richard Armitage (Guy of Gisbourne)!


  1. da best tv show ever...........we will be pleased 2 watch dis tv show again after a month or 2.

  2. I like this new robin hood tv series very much...the end of it was very sad...and i like Jonas Armstrong & lucy griffiths too. i think they are very well matching to each other as Robin & marian...Thank you very much to Rupavahini channel to telecast this wonderful story.. If you can please telecast this again please.........