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Duminda Silva @ Wikipedia

Arumadura Lawrence Romelo Duminda Silva is a controversial Sri Lankan politician and Member of Parliament. Silva is the brother of Raynor Silva, managing director Asia Broadcasting Corporation which operates a number of radio stations in Sri Lanka.

 Political career 
 At the July 2004 provincial council election Silva was elected to represent Colombo District in the Western Provincial Council.[3] He defected from the United National Party to the United People's Freedom Alliance in November 2007.[2] The UNP accused Silva of defecting to the UPFA in the hope that the criminal cases against him won't be pursed and so that Asia Broadcasting Corporation's broadcasting licences will restored.[4] Silva was re-elected at the April 2009 provincial council election.[5] At the April 2010 parliamentary election Silva was elected to represent the Colombo District in Parliament.[6]

 Child rape 
 An underage girl was allegedly abducted and raped by Silva and others at a Mount Lavinia hotel on 8 July 2003. On 9 June 2005 Silva, Mohommed Nisham Hansil Ishar and Dilkushan Marlon Francis Kuruppu were indicted before Colombo High Court on charges of abduction and rape.[7] Silva pleaded not guilty and was released on bail. The case sagainst Silva was dropped on 11 October 2010 after the victim complained that it was causing her "emotional distress".[8] Silva was discharged on 24 March 2011.

 Silva was accused of abducting Roger Allan Francis and Chaminda Sumith Kumara Dunusinghe on 6 August 2004 from Francis' office in Bambalapitya.[10] Silva, 30, had been having a secret relationship with Francis' eldest daughter, 20. When Francis found out he objected to the relationship due to the age difference. The daughter moved out of the family home and moved in with Silva. On 6 August 2004 Silva and his gang went to Francis' office and demanded that his youngest daughter be given to Silva. When Francis refused he and his aide were abducted by Silva and his gang and taken to Malabe. The two were returned to the office later. Silva was charged and tried at Colombo High Court in 2008. Silva had been in a relationship with actress and Southern provincial councillor Anarkalli Aakarsha. Aakarsha claimed that the relationship ended when Silva started physically abusing her. She claimed that on 18 June 2008 Silva threatened to kill her and her mother if Aakarsha refused to marry Silva.[12] In July 2008 Aakarsha lodged a complaint with Kollupitiya Police that supporters of Silva tried abuduct her and her mother from Aakarsha's home on Swarna Road, Wellawatte on 3 March 2008.The case was heard at Mount Lavinia Court. On 23 September 2010 Aakarsha appeared before the court and tried unsuccessfully to withdraw her complaint.[15] The case against Silva was dropped on 18 November 2010 because the Attorney General claimed there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute Silva.


 Silva was arrested in 2006 for allegedly asaaulting Western Provincial Council Minister Hector Bethmage in Talangama.On 26 May 2006 Silva allegedly assaulted a female American sailor and two other American security officers from the US Embassy at a nighclub in Colombo.Silva was arrested and borught before Colombo Magistrates.


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Negombo New Bus Stand

Negombo gets a modern Bus Stand