Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sri Lanka proves the fake nature of the Channel Four Video at the UN

It has been emphasized to act swiftly and efficiently by the diplomatic missions to defeat international conspiracies such as Darusman report and Channel Four video. Aan international expert on eradication of terrorism Prof. Rohan Gunarathne points out that the LTTE which was militarily defeated in Sri Lanka is now actively engaged politically abroad . He says that the LTTE seem to be using human rights organizations and media as a cats paw to achieve their aimss. Prof.Gunarathne said that UN permanent representative and his deputy were able to prove that the Channel Four video was a fake. Therefore he said that this example should be followed by other diplomatic missions abroad. However he pointed out the need to create a mechanism to response to the propaganda of pro-LTTE elements. Lakbima news Chief Editor Rajpal Abeynayake says that information to nullify such charges against Sri Lanka could be found from the international arena. He says that Sunday Times of London has revealed the fake nature of the Channel Four video. Mr. Abeynayake further said that by communicating such information to other countries Sri Lanka can eliminate false rumours about the country. Chief editor of the Island News Paper Shamindra Ferdinando says that diplomatic service has to respond first to reference ot the co-untry abroad. He says that Sri Lanka should device a method to communicate such information to other countries with the active participation of the diplomatic service. He appreciated the efforts taken by Deputy UN Representative Major General Shavendra Silva to prove the fake nature of the video with clear evidence. He further pointed out that Sri Lanka’s permanent UN representatives and his deputy were able to prove with evidence the contradictory series of incidents shown in the video.

-article from Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation