Monday, August 26, 2013

CCTV locations in the city of COLOMBO

Colombo City Cameras

Hi All, 

Please note where Colombo city cameras are fixed! 
Please pass this information to others - to drive the vehicles correctly and diligently obeying the road Rules & Regulations in the future.
Watch when you are driving, as they will record your mistakes in driving and catch up with you in due course. Which is a very good move to eradicate the haphazard driving prevailing in Sri lanka. This is the best I could do to help you. You are on your own in this regard. Good Luck!!! 

1)    Old Parliament Junction - Pettah

2)    Ceramic Handhiya - Pettah

3)    Railway Station - Pettah

4)    Bus Station - Pettah (Central Bud Stand)

5)    Technical Handhiya - Sangaraaja Mawatha

6)    Maradana Bridge

7)    Ibbanwala Handhiya - Darley Road

8)    Lipton Vataravuma (Circle) - Union Place

9)    Gaalu Muvadhora Handhiya (Galle Face Junction)

10)  Liberty Plaza Junction

11)  Mal Paara (Flower Road)

12)  Agamethi Kaaryaalaya Paara (Prime Minister's Office)

13)  Kollpity Junction 

14)  Thunmulla Junction 

15)  Bambalapitiya Junction

16)  Kirulapona Junction

17)  Paamankada Junction

18)  Wellawatta Junction

19)  Narahenpita Junction 

20)  Maha Kanaththa Handhiya (General Cemetery Junction)

21)  Borella Junction

22)  Aayurvedha Handhiya - Rajagiriya

23)  Kandhasaami Junction

24)  Mattakuliya Junction

25)  Kelaniya Bridge - Colombo; Kandy Road

26)  Peliyagoda Bridge - Colombo ; Negombo Road

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fw: Sick monks need help

FWD email:
 Dear friends,                                                            
 Two weeks I visited a 150 year old temple in a village named Wallawe in  
 Polgahawela. The chief incumbant of this temple is Ven. Amilasiri who is  
 doing a noble, unique service to the sasana in silence. He is            
 accomadating 12 old debilitated destitute priests who have been abandoned
 as there is no one to care for them in their old age.Ven Amilasiri gets  
 very little help from the village due to poverty, and he depends on the  
 occasional donations he gets.                                            
 The very ill priests are housed in a separate building. The beds in this  
 are in a very dilapidated condition.                                      
 The matresses are all very dirty and some dont even have bed sheets. Some
 priests cannot walk to the toilets and urinate on the bed it self .      
 In addition there are 23 samanera monks. All of whom are children who    
 have been abandoned by their parents for various reasons. When they reach
 the correct age they are sent to pirivenas for their education'          
 Ven. Amilasiri has been attending to washing and cleaning the sick        
 priests and their soiled clothes personally. He never allowed the young  
 samaneras to get involved lest they get disgusted of the monastic life.  
 He wakes up at 3am to cooks all by them the dane for the rest of the      
 After visiting and seeing the challenging work done by Ven. Amilasiri we  
 as buddhists realised that we need to support him to carry on with his    
 noble work.                                                              
 On inquiring we learnt that he needs to cook 8 kgs of rice per day . On  
 sundays he goes on pindapathe with 3 other samanera monks and collects    
 the rations for the.                                                      
 So let us get together to help Ven. Amilasiri to do this noble work. If  
 you wish to visit his temple it is situated in a village called Wallawe  
 which is 4 1/2 km from Polgahawela junction on kurunegala road. There are
 2 approaches one is a road on the right side after the 18th km post soon  
 after you pass the petrol filling station and a bridge. The other is      
 after the 19th km post, the first turn to the right If you take the first
 turn always keep to the right, and if you take the 2nd turn always keep  
 to the left. You drive about 2 1/2 km down to come to the name board Sri  
 Bodhirukkarama temple on the right. Turn here and drive down the path    
 which ends in the temple.                                                
 Some useful items to take if you visit would be, Rice Dhal milk powder    
 tea sugar bedsheets, mackintoshes books for the samaner monks. etc.      
 If you need further information please contact me on 0718436954,          
 Residence 0112864519, surgery 0112873160 or Ven. Amilasiri on 0779853518  
 or 0716269713                                                            
 Some pictures are attached.                                              
 With metta,                                                              
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heshani and Angelo Mathews pre shoot

Sri Lanka cricket skipper Angelo Mathews 26 got married today. His bride's name is Heshani according to reports.