Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inflation Rate of Sri Lanka

Inflation for the month of August recorded an 0.7% increase to 5% compared to 4.3 % for the month of July.


Rubber Prices
Rubber prices have fallen by ~ 11% to LKR 469.50 from 526.00 for TPX 1X rubber , and the price of skim rubber has marginally declined by around 0.35% .
(Source: Ceylon Rubber Traders Association )

Tea Prices
Prices of low grown tea has increased by 6% medium by 7% & high grown by 5% .increasing the average tea production to 367.33 for the month of August comparative to only 344.37 for July which is an increase of
7% mainly due to Russian winter buying & Middle Eastern presence.

(Source: Tea Surveillance, Bartleet ProduceMarketing,LBO)

In economics, the inflation rate is a measure of inflation, the rate of increase of a price index (for example, a consumer price index). It is the percentage rate of change in price level over time. The rate of decrease in the purchasing power of money is approximately equal.