Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sri Lanka blocks over 100 Sex websites

Sri Lanka blocks over 100 porn websites from 26th August 2010

Sri Lanka has blocked over 100 porn websites that allegedly feature local men and women, the government said Thursday, in its biggest yet Internet censorship move.

The Sri Lankan Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has been asked to prevent users in the country accessing some 107 adult websites, the government information department said.
The move followed complaints heard at Colombo's Juvenile Court that children had free access to the websites, which featured Sri Lankan men and women.

Other adult sites featuring non-Sri Lankans will remain available, however.
In July last year, the TRC blocked 12 other porn websites, including, an adult content sharing portal.

Sri Lanka already maintains an unofficial ban on websites of dissidents by getting local Internet service providers to block access to those portals. However, users can still access those sites by using proxy servers abroad.

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